Rider's Job: Preparing for a Group Ride

Riders are expected to arrive on time at the departure point with a full tank of gas, in proper attire for the conditions, and physically ready to ride (potty stop made, medications packed if needed, sober and alert). Motorcycle endorsements and insurance should be up to date, and the bike should be in street-legal condition. The Road Captain may ask a rider not to join a group ride if these basic conditions are not met (for example, if a rider is drunk or a bike is mechanically unfit to ride).

Ride 2017 Schedule

Route 1: June 3 (1 day)

 This Route has been completed


Route 2: June 10 & 11

This Route has been completed


 Route 3: June 24 & 25

This Route has been completed

Plans are being made for the 2018 Saskatchewan Ride for Dog Guides